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MHL2.0 synchronizes Galaxy S3 and a PC monitor to carry ‘triple play’ services

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(iTers News) - David Kuo, director of product marketing for mobile products with Silicon Image, made a quick demonstration on how a MHL-enabled mobile devices works in sync with a MHL receiver chip-built-in large scree display monitor to share 1080p HD viewing experience among two devices.

Using Samsung's flagship Galaxy S3 smartphone, he  is showing that the Galaxy S3 phone is outputting 1080p HD video mirroring the screen on  a Samsung PC monitor,  which also support MHL interface technology.

"One of key features of MHL is HD video, so you can see Samsung Galaxy S3 output video mirroring the screen on the PC monitor through a very thin MHL cable, " said he.

More interestingly, he is pointing his finger to a battery icon on the PC monitor, which indicating that the MHL-capable video monitor output power down the cable to charge the Galaxy S3 smarphone.

Highlighting his demo is a remote control functionality called as RCP, or remote control protocol. Using  Samsung PC monitor remote controller, he is launching Galaxy S3 smartphone's on-screen application menu to get mirrored on the PC monitor screen  and choose a video gallery to select and activate a video program.

Silicon Image already unveiled a next generation of MHL 2.0 specification-based products -SiI8240 MHL transmitter for mobile devices and SiI9617 MHL-to-HDML bridge for DTVs and PC  displays, which are also MHL2.0-compliant.

Both semiconductor products support 1080p 60Hz full HD and MHL2.0 specification feature that include native 3D formats, alpha-numeric key codes for advanced remote control functions. The two products also can take out power from a PC monitor or TV to charge a mobile device twice as fast as the predecessor MHL1.0.

The company also released a lower power dual mode transmitter intellectual property, or IP  core that supports both the HDMI and 1.4b and MHL 2.0 standards.

Silicon Image targets the design-win of the new generation of MHL product line-up for the 1st quarter of 2013.

Reported by Smith Cho and JH, Bae / Video & Photo by JH Bae

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