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Chairman of gfu says, “Games and connectivity will drive TV demand”

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(iTers News)- Dr. Rainer Hecker, chairman of GFU (Gesellschaft fur Unterhaltungs), an organizer of IFA, today opened an IFA2012 opening press conference, telegraphing a strong message that only the innovation can drive up growth.

At a press conference here in Berlin, Germany on August 29, Dr. Rainer Hecker stressed, “Only innovative products can generate revenue growth today and in the future.”

This remark helps explain why he bets on innovations in connectivity technology as a next generation of growth engine that will revitalize long-idle TV demand.

As a growing number of smartphone and tablet PC users are eager to mirror their full HD mobile viewing experiences on wider and larger TVs screen using a new generation of uncompressed wireless or wired connectivity technologies, he expects it will drive up TV demand.

“Smartphones and tablet PCs are generating high demand for TV contents, said he.

The connectivity of smart TVs, 4K TVs, AMOLED TVs, and large screen TVs, and games are another sure-bet that he stakes out as new growth dynamics for TV markets.

Yet, he expects it will take 2 to 3 years before glass-free 3D TVs will have reached critical mass.

He said that those innovations in connectivity and other display technologies has kept the growth dynamics of consumer electronics markets humming even if credit crunches in EU zone has sagged consumer confidence.

“Despite difficult market situation, which in many countries is dominated by the debt crisis, the early signs are that IFA 2012 will be a success. IFA has become an bigger economic force and attraction,” added he.

GFU expects global markets for consumer electronics would grow by 2% to hit US$1,100 billion in 2012.

According to GFU, 1,439 exhibitors have signed up for their booth floor spaces, collectively occupying 142,200 square meters of floor spaces, 1.4% gain from a year ago.

Video & Photo by JH BAE


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