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Robot Swim of France showed off a shoal of self-moving robot fishes

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(iTers News) – Robot industry is one of what Korea is staking out as a next generation of export growth powerhouses with its focus on education, healthcare, housemaid, and industrial applications such as unmanned factory and disaster rescue operations.

To rev up the growth engine, the Korean government is sowing seeds for the domestic robot industry’s rapid rise with a fund-raising plan to invest about 350 billion won in the research and development infrastructure over the next 10 years.

The goal is to drive up the domestic robot market growth to reach economies of scale as soon as possible by allowing domestic robot makers to tap into new generation of uncharted applications markets. In 2011, Korean robot market is estimated to be in excess of 2 trillion won. Over the next 10 years, the Korean government has an ambitious plan to create a 25 trillion won–a-year-market through 2020.

That is a welcome news for domestic and foreign robot makers. Robot Swim of France is one of the prospective foreign robot makers that are better poised to capitalize on the fast-growing Korean robot market.

The French robot maker showed off its shoal of robot fishes at a Robot World 2012 exhibition held in the city of Goyang.

Christophe Tiraby, CEO and founder of Robot Swim said that its shoal of robot fishes was designed to be used in aquarium applications for ‘permanent places’ like luxury hotels, shopping centers, and restaurants.

“It was presented first at the Yeosu Expo in this summer. It has an ability to swim autonomously. So you can artificial like. The idea was to create some immersion into people watching fishes. In this summer at the Yeosu Expo, we designed a first school of robot fishes. 30 fishes were swimming together in the same directions,” said he.

Built with a high-quality battery, they can continue to swim for up to 8 hours. “So, you can just put fishes on the pool in the morning, and then during the day, they swim for 8 hours. By the end of the day, you take the fishes out of the water, plug them into quick chargers during the overnight, and then in the next morning, put back them again into the water,” added he.

The school of fishes for aquarium applications is the first commercially viable models that Robot Swim has developed so far. To newly explore other hot growth applications, Robot Swim is proposing new configurations for maritime applications, where its patented technology allows the fishes to communicate with other objects for the look-out.

Highlighting its technology is it special beam gun to attract fishes’ attentions, which allow kids and children to interact with fishes. The signals, which were shed from the gun-shaped beacon, is so proprietary that the fishes just interact with it, not with other beacons.

Videos and Photos by JH BAE


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