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SRC Inc. of Korea eyes growth potentials of Korea’s robot market

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(iTers News) - Robot industry is one of hot growth markets for the future, as its ecosystem is rapidly expanding across a wide range of applications from education to healthcare to housemaid to industrial applications such as unmanned factory and disaster rescue operations.

To rev up the growth engine, the Korean government plans to invest about 350 billion won in the research and development infrastructure over the next 10 years

The goal is to drive up the domestic robot market growth to reach economies of scale as soon as possible by allowing domestic robot makers to tap into new generation of uncharted applications markets.

In 2011, Korean robot markets are estimated to be in excess of 2 trillion won. Over the next 10 years, the Korean government has an ambitious plan to create a 25 trillion won-a-year-market.

SRC, Inc of Korea is betting on the growth potentials.

In an interview, Yeong Ju, Seo, CEO said its fish robot is the most advanced one of its kind, as its deep water-proof feature allows them to dive up to 10 meters in the salt-less fresh waters.

The fish robot is designed for  aquarium and ornamental applications for fun for the first time in the world.

"As all other humanoid robots design after the way people think, see, and feel to interact with outside world, we simulate the movements of fishes. Especially when it comes to muscle-flexing and wafer-proof technologies, we ensure that ours are the world’s first and best ones," stressed he

Videos and Photos by JH BAE

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