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“Bendable, rollable!” Sharp rolls up 3.4-inch flexible OLED

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(iTers News) – Sharp shows off a 3.4-inch IGZO flexible and bendable OLED prototype that is rolled up around a cylinder.

Built on Sharp’s proprietary IGZO, or indium, gallium, and zinc oxide thin film transistor backplane, the 3.4-inch flexible OLED was developed by Sharp and Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co. Ltd. Of Japan.

Boasting 540x960p resolution, the 3.4-inch flexible OLED has a 326 pixel density, or 326 pixels per inch. The prototype comes with no separate RGB color filter sheet.

To give attendees a real feel of how flexible and bendable the OLED prototype is, Sharp displayed it roll down along the cylindrical shape of a cylinder. Sharp also pumped air from behind to make the other to slightly flop up and down riding over the breeze.

Sharp also displayed a 13.5 inch WRGB OLED display that has a QFHD resolution of 3840 x2160 p.

Built with a separate RGB color and white OLEDC cell, the 13.5-inch OLED was also based on an IGZO TFT backplane, a matrix of row and columns of IGZO transistors that switch off and on OLED cells, or pixels.

To build a light source on that IZGO TFT backplane, Sharp deposited self-illuminating white OLED, or organic light emitting diode cells on the grid.

Low power consumption 

IGZO is a sort of compounded chemical materials that form transistors. Compared with conventional amorphous silicon, or a-Si material, IGZO transistors operate on lower current, or voltage, resulting in low current leakage. As result, they consume less power, making them a better fit for smart phones and tablet PCs. With such lower voltage, however, they can move electron faster.

These excellent characteristics combine to allow panel makers to shrink the pixel size and thus put more of pixels into a given space.

The excellent characteristics also enabled Sharp to successfully manufacture a 4.9-inch full HD LCD panel in what the company said is the world’s highest pixel density LCD panel. The panel is now for use in Japan’s mobile service carrier Softbank’ Aquous smart phone.


 Photos & Videos by JH Bae 

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