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Expansive full-HD phablet is the name of the game in 2013

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(iTers News) - Pantech Co., Ltd. releases a 5.9-inch Vega N6 phablet in what the company said brings a range of PC user experiences on a 5.9-inch screen.

Running on Android Jelly Bean OS, Pantech’s 5.9-inch phablet has dramatically upgraded its flagship Flux UI, or user interface to allow users to do work, enjoy funs on a PC-like environment.

A case in point is a multi-mini-window functionality that pops up a multiple of sub-windows on a screen.

For example, users can choose apps among a gallery of 10 mini-windows on the bottom of the screen and then pop up and activate them one by one on an upward of 9 mii-mini-windows simultaneously, including a video player, a telephone book, a calculator, a work processing app, and etc.

Expandable keyboard

To offer a tablet-like word typing experiences, the 5.9-inch Vega N6’s virtual keyboard was also optimized for tablet PC user experiences, featuring a horizontal and vertical layout design. The virtual keyboard can be also expanded both to the left and the right to give users more space to type in

Called as V Touch, a rear-top touch pad was another UI attraction, allowing users to scroll up and down, or slide through Web pages, or a telephone book simply by tapping or sliding their one hand fingers on it in the same way that they toy with a PC touch pad.

To activate a telephone book, for example, all users have to do is first to open V Touch app and choose what app to active with it. Unfortunately, however, users can choose and activate only one app with V Touch. To activate other, users have to set up again the V-Touch. It also supports ‘tablet view’ function that displays multiple apps on a single screen.


One hand activation

The wide and expansive 5.9-inch full HD screen gives users a feeling as if they are working on a PC screen, too. The Vega N6 also can automatically resize the screen to get more optimal for a PC version, when users open PC-version Web sites or apps.

“The name of the game in 2012 was a competition for speed, as a flood of quad-core and LTE phones were deluging the smart phone market. What characterizes the 2013 is viewing experiences. To keep up, we adopt a wide full HD 5.9-inch screen with a focus on viewable smart phone, “ stressed Dr. Joon Woo Lee, senior executive vice president and COO with Pantech

The 5.9-inch full HD screen was built with Natural IPS Pro LCD panel from Sharp Corp. of Japan that is built on Sharp’s indigenous IGZO TFT backplane.

The Vega N6 5.9-inch phablet runs on Snapdragon S4 quad-core CPU that cycles at a speed of 1.5GHz.

Photos & Videos by JH Bae  

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