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core river

CORERIVER Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

  • Business Scope: fabless semiconductor chipmaker, touch sensors, security ICs, microcontrollers(MCU)
  • CEO: John Bae
  • Revenue:
  • Global Headquarters: 11 Fl, West Wing, IT Venture Tower, 78 Garakbon-Dong, Songpa-Gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Employees: About 40
  • Manufacturing Facilities:
  • Core Technology: “TouchCore” touch screen controlle
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Corporate Snapshot

Founded by KAIST-schooled top engineers, CORERIVER is a leading fabless semiconductor chipmaker with its focus on touch sensors, security ICs, microcontrollers(MCU), whch are the brains of consumer and industrial electronics, and so on.

Since its inception in 2005 ,  CORERIVER has been growing nearly two folds on average every year and sets its sights on achieving US$1 billion in sales by 2022. Through its management efficiency program of  'Heading for 2022' campaign,  all employees in CORERIVER are dedicating to removing 20% unnecessary part, supplementing 2% deficiency, and introducing 2% differentiation. The program is in sync with the chip maker's vision 2022 campaign, which sets its sights on joining a who's who list of elite chipmakers by remaking itself as one of the world's cutting-edge technology bellwether. 

Especially, its “TouchCore” touch screen controller family, which became commercially available starting with 2008, will a pivotal role in the attempt to rise to the top, as the world's first 96-channel single chip large area touch screen sensor will help to make a big dent in the dominance of world-class touch screen controller makers like Atmel and Cypress Semiconductor. 

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