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ELAN Microelectronics Corporation

  • Business Scope: Microcontroller,Telecommunication IC,PC Peripheral IC,Smart Pad
  • CEO:
  • Revenue:
  • Global Headquarters: No. 12, Innovation 1st Rd., Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu 30076, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Employees:
  • Manufacturing Facilities:
  • Core Technology: Capacitive 10-Finger Touch Panel and Capacitive eStylus™
  • Stock Codes NTD 4163M

Corporate Snapshot

ELAN Microelectronics Corporation is an IC design house founded in May of 1994 to embark in the R&D of integrated circuit and offers touchpad module solutions.

ELAN's headquarters is located in Taiwan Hsinchu Science Park, and has its touchpad module factory located in Chung Ho City, Taipei County. It also has branch offices and customer service centers in the USA, Shenzhen (China), Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

ELAN is listed in the Taiwan Stock Exchange since September 2001 and as of this date, its capital has accumulated to NTD 4163M.

PR News

Hsinchu, Taiwan – ELAN Microelectronics Corporation, Taiwan's leading touch controller IC design house; announces revenue of NT$528 million for March 2012, a new peak record for the last 18 months, is up 29.4% MoM and 20.4% YoY respectively.

According to ELAN, the favorable revenue is mainly motivated by increased shipments of touch controller ICs in March. The touch controller related products accounted for 47% of total revenue for the month which is obviously much better than expected.

These products are mostly applied to smartphones, tablet PCs, and Notebook/UltraBook. The tablet PC application in particular, shows escalating monthly shipments since February and orders for Asian and American brand-name tablet PC applications from its contract manufacturers also continue to flow in. In March, Notebook/UltraBook makers have been anxiously waiting for delivery of their orders.

These orders were better than what ELAN has anticipated. Starting from March, ELAN has classified its products into two categories; i.e., Consumer Product Line and Notebook Input Device Line.

The Consumer Product Line will account for 42% and 58% for the Notebook Input Device Line. The Consumer Product Line will comprise such products as consumer ICs, microcontrollers, PC peripherals ICs, and touchscreen ICs. The Notebook Input Device Line will include pointing stick (PST) devices and the touchpad modules.

ELAN pointed out that the revenue for the first quarter is NT$1.454 billion which shows an increase of 14.7 % from last quarter of 2011 and a growth of 23.85% compared to same period of last year. Both results are better than anticipated.

Revenue for the coming second quarter is expected to continue its upward trend as the market busy season approaches and influenced by increased demands for microcontrollers, consumer ICs, and PC peripheral products.

Furthermore, the market for touchscreen ICs for tablet PC and smartphones applications are projected to grow as well. Above all, the extensive preparations and hard work in penetrating the growing market for China's brand-name smartphones is starting to bear fruits with bulk shipments to start in the second quarter.

Shipments of touchpad modules for Notebook/UltraBook applications are also expected to escalate higher than that of the first quarter.



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